Code Badger Consulting

We build quality software and we're based in Kansas City. We're extremely proud to be part of the Silicon Prairie.

Technology should make your life easier

We believe that "good enough" isn't really all that great. If you're going to make the effort and put your name on it then it's worth doing your best.

Custom Programming

Sick of paying for software packages that only meet part of your needs? Tired of paying for "upgrades" that never fully work or introduce new features that are harder to use than the original version? Maybe you have simply outgrown the software you are presently using. A custom software solution built specifically for your unique business needs might be what you need.

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Legacy Database

Have legacy systems that need migrated? We can help with that. We're pros at reading, scrubbing, and migrating data locked in old systems. Do you have an old database that you think has value but extracting it just seems too difficult? It's not too hard for us, we can get it out and make it useful.

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Customized Reporting

All the data in the world is useless if you do not properly leverage it. Custom reports designed to your business will allow you to make informed decisions. This area is development is often overlooked because it's just not sexy. Writing reports is often viewed as a tedious exercise but we feel that when done properly it can produce enormous value in a short amount of time. The data often already exists but isn't being utilized.

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